Research & Development

R&D Department

Our R&D department consists of highly sound expertise in diverse fields including Mechanical Engineering , Electrical Engineering , Programming , QA and Prototyping

Mechanical design

Includes housing, adapters and mould design.


Electronic design

Includes block diagrams and PCB designs


Software design

Includes creating customized software for a device.


Device certification

Atex, IECEX, RED, FCC, IP protocols: Sigfiox, LoRa


Manufacturing Prototypes

Providing prototypes of equipment and production capabilities, as well as implementing the product into small batch production.

Heavy Payload
Multipurpose UAV (Drone)

We are serving Dhaka North City Corporations using heavy payload UAVs (drones) in collaboration with Zassino. Our aim to bring about revolutionary changes in agriculture, military, fire service, and rescue forces.

AI Powered Prescription

Experience the future of healthcare with our AI-Powered Prescription Generator. Using advanced artificial intelligence, we analyze patient data to create personalized prescriptions swiftly and accurately. This innovative solution streamlines the process, allowing healthcare professionals to deliver tailored treatments for improved patient outcomes. Embrace precision in prescription with our cutting-edge AI technology.